Modified Kale Salad

So I recently bought like this HUGE bunch of kale from the grocery store to use in my smoothies and, considering I only used like two leaves in each smoothie and kept forgetting to use it anyway, it got yellow and smelly pretty quickly. So of course I went and bought another, because you know […]

Meet the CREAtors

Tessa and Sara in Action is just a blog the best blog you will ever read in your miserable life.  It was created by two friends~~~~   LIKES~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     LIKES~        

A little bit about this blog

* It was created by one semi-cool person and another awesomely hilarious person * It is intended to be random. Like celebrity baby names random * We’ll post stuff like – song lists, movie reviews, diy stuff, fashion, funny stories (you get the idea) * Anyways, now your life has changed forever and you might […]